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Issue: Can't forward syslog messages from custom app to Cribl Cloud

Jitesh Khuttan
Jitesh Khuttan Posts: 1
edited July 11 in Stream

I have an application which is running on a Virtual Machine & this app is responsible for generating syslog messages.

My goal is to forward these syslog messages to a source configured on Cribl Cloud.

I went through the documentation, however I am not able to understand that how can I forward these messages.

I know the idea is to send the messages to some IP address and Port, but where do I find this IP and port number?

Also, while configuring the source on cribl, what is the purpose of IP and Port there? Do I need to point it to my Virtual Machine?



  • Chris Breshears
    Chris Breshears Posts: 14 admin

    I assume you are using Cribl.Cloud. Is that correct? If not, you must use the IP/DNS for your on-prem worker group.

    In Cribl.Cloud, there are two different places you can look depending on which experience you are using.

    If you are using the new experience (you would have needed to have selected it), you can find ingest addresses by going to "Data Sources" under the "Workspace" menu in the sidebar menu.

    If you use the current default experience, you can find it by going to "Network Settings" in the top menu.

    The IP and Port options in the source settings allow you to customize the ingest point, but it is best to leave those as the default unless you need something custom and know what you are doing.