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Introducing Cribl’s Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAP)!

Chris Breshears
Chris Breshears Posts: 12 admin
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We’re excited to announce Cribl’s Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAP)!
The TAP program is a global network of partners bringing you innovative integrations and solutions to transform your data management.
But what does this mean for you?

More Integrations + More Choices!

The TAP program provides validated "Better Together" solutions, powered by Cribl.

Now you have even more options to select the best data management tools that fit your needs. Our partners will work closely with our Alliances team to provide seamless, cutting-edge solutions, ensuring you get the most value from the tools you choose.

Get ready for some supercharged sources and destinations!

For more information, check out our VP of Business Development, Vlad Melnik’s blog post.