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We are thrilled to announce that version 4.6 is now available!

Chris Breshears
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Our dedicated team of goats have been very busy, making this update a major milestone.

Here are some of the key highlights:

Cribl Lake - Introducing our new solution for long-term, full-fidelity data storage. Seamlessly integrated with Cribl Stream, Search, and Edge, this feature allows for easy data searching and sending with minimal setup required.

50,000 Cribl Edge Nodes - The Leader can now configure and manage up to 50,000 Edge Nodes. You can also include over 3,000 Edge Nodes in a single Fleet.

Email Notification Enhancements - Cribl.Cloud Enterprise users can now send email notifications through Cribl Stream, Edge, and Search without a separate mail server.

Cribl Search Macros - Save and reuse fragments of search queries as macros, streamlining the process of constructing new searches.

Cribl Copilot - Meet our new AI-powered conversational chatbot, designed to assist you with everything from product usage and administration to mastering regex and KQL search queries.

New User Interface Experience - Available in Cribl.Cloud, opt-in to test our new UI, which provides access to Workspaces and Teams, enhancing security, compliance, and isolation.

But there's more! Version 4.6 also introduces Syslog TCP load balancing, S3 source checkpointing, Rest Collector state tracking, and more.

For full details, please refer to the release notes: StreamEdgeSearchLake

Upgrade Information:

Cribl.Cloud Users: You have been automatically upgraded to the latest version.
On-Premise Users: You can download the latest update from this link.