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4.5.1 Maintenance Release

Chris Breshears
Chris Breshears Posts: 9 admin
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Here are a few of the highlights:

  • The Windows Event Forwarder: Now supports external load balancers for more resilient data control.
  • UUID Magic: Generate, and validate UUIDs for events with the new C.Misc UUID expressions.
  • Cribl Edge: You can now search Nodes by hostname or GUID, and responsiveness is improved when working with large Node lists.
  • Cribl Search: We have added support for searching Elastic and OpenSearch datasets. Users can also explore results with the new Scatter plot chart and GeoIP visualizations.

See the full details in the release notes:  Stream • Edge • Search

If you are using Cribl.Cloud, you have already been upgraded to the latest version.
Our on-prem customers can get the update at this link.