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Cribl v4.5 has been released!

Chris Breshears
Chris Breshears Posts: 10 admin
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This release brings you a number of updates, and some fantastic new features:

Dimensional Metrics to OTLP: The OTLP Metrics Function transforms dimensional metrics events into the OTLP (OpenTelemetry Protocol) format. This Function can be used to send metric events to any OpenTelemetry Metrics-capable destinations.

Disk Spool Destination in Edge: The Disk Spool Destination can spool most recent (configurable) event data to disk from any source and store it in a predefined file path location. This consistent path can help you find data when you use Search datasets.

Bring Your Own Endpoints: You can now quickly configure Cribl Search to explore data coming from any HTTP API, by setting up generic HTTP API data providers and datasets.

Email Notifications: Cribl Stream, Cribl Edge, and Cribl Search now support an Email Notification target type. This means you can set up Notifications via email and get alerted to operational issues.

This is just a small sample of changes made in 4.5.
See the full details in the release notes: StreamEdge Search

If you are using Cribl.Cloud, you have already been upgraded to the latest version.
For our on-prem customers, you can get the update at this