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REST Collector - complete variable reference

Florian Utzt
Florian Utzt Posts: 3

Hi everyone,

I can't find a complete list of available variables to use in the REST collector configuration. I only know those that are embedded in the documentation (for example, ${earliest}). Is there a complete reference table which I may have overlooked?


  • Jon Rust
    Jon Rust Posts: 440 mod

    I'm not aware of anything available out of the gate aside from earliest, latest, and whatever results from the Discover phase. You can access any global variables you've defined.

    Can you share what your requirements are that have you looking for more vars?

  • Florian Utzt
    Florian Utzt Posts: 3

    Hi Jon, thanks a lot. I don't have any specific requirements at the moment. As you have probably noticed from my other question, I am currently figuring out how job information can be persistent across multiple runs of the same job (example: Run #2 accesses the information from Run#1 and uses that information within its parameters). I figured that I must have missed a big chunk of the whole variable system, but I probably misunderstood how REST jobs work.