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In gitops workflow for production is there a way to break glass and exit read only in an emergency?

John Pondrom
John Pondrom Posts: 16

We are planning to enable gitops workflow for production and from the docs we understood that the production environment will be “read only” if the gitops workflow is set to “push”. What if there is outage with “git” and we can’t do the release? What is the alternative to push the code without git?


  • Matt Markwald
    Matt Markwald Posts: 3

    In the event you need to enable write access on the prod environment you can go into the settings >Git Settings on the leader node and toggle push mode to none. After making that adjustment you'll be able to make the changes locally. Before restoring prod to push mode however, you'll want to make the same changes in your lower environments so that you don't have a merge conflict in the end.