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Cribl Community! - Cribl v4.4.4 maintenance release is ready for you!

Chris Breshears
Chris Breshears Posts: 12 admin
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Version 4.4.4 adds new capabilities and usability improvements to Cribl Stream, Cribl Edge, Cribl Search, and Cribl.Cloud:

• Load balancing in the Webhook Destination. You can enable load balancing and specify multiple webhook URLs and their load weights, which sets relative traffic-handling capabilities for each connection. You can also choose whether to exclude all IPs of the current host from the list of resolved hostnames.

• Exponential backoffs for HTTP request timeout errors in HTTP-based Destinations. You can configure the values for initial retry delay, retry delay multiplier, and maximum retry delay. This helps build in a time buffer before Stream retries an HTTP request.

• Custom session timeout in Cribl.Cloud. In Cribl.Cloud Global Settings, you can now configure a Session idle time limit for the GUI. This helps keep pages up longer.

• Cribl Search results are now automatically sorted in descending time order by default, presenting the latest information first.

In dataset providers that support Splunk SmartStore, you can now select SmartStore as the partitioning scheme without having to specify further configuration.

• Search queries can now reference the results of previous searches (with no need to rerun them) using the new virtual table: $vt_results. This allows for iterative analysis.

If you are using Cribl.Cloud, you have already been upgraded to the latest version.
For our on-prem customers, you can get the update at this link.

You can see the full details in the release notes: StreamEdgeSearch