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Cribl on AWS Marketplace *Update*

Kam Amir
Kam Amir Posts: 20

Here at Cribl we are committed to making our customers' lives easier. One of the requests we had was how we can quickly ship new versions of our products into the Amazon Marketplace for customers who cannot use our SaaS offering Cribl.Cloud. Today we are announcing the availability of Cribl Amazon Machine Images or AMI’s for both x86_64 and ARM64  platforms. These two AMI’s can be used as part of a Free Tier for up-to 1TB/data per day. 

Customers can also elect to bring their own license and convert these images to paid Enterprise or Standard versions. This would also work for deploying hybrid Cribl worker nodes in our customer’s own AWS environment.

The CloudFormation templates will still be available via our GitHub repo https://github.com/criblio/cribl-aws-cloudformation-templates .  

Navigate to the AWS Marketplace and select the AMI architecture of choice and then subscribe to that offering. Here are the listings.

After you have subscribed, now you can launch your CloudFormation template and input the AMI ID from your AWS Account. Here is how you find that information, from your AWS Console, go to AWS Marketplace and click Manage Subscriptions. Find your Cribl Stream AMI and select it then click Launch new instance. In the next screen you will see the AMI ID, copy that information. 

You can now launch a CloudFormation template and use the AMI ID to deploy your Cribl environment. Please use this post for any questions. Additionally we have a community slack channel dedicated to this topic #cribl-aws-cloudformation . https://github.com/criblio/cribl-aws-cloudformation-templates