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Important Update: End of Support for CentOS 6 in Cribl Stream and Cribl Edge

Chris Breshears
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End of Support for CentOS 6
We will be deprecating support for CentOS 6 with our Cribl Stream and Cribl Edge 4.4.4 release. CentOS 6 reached its End-of-Life (EOL) status in 2020. Continuing to support it would impact our ability to maintain the high security standards we set for our products and customers. Removing support for CentOS 6 in a future version allows us to focus on more stable and secure environments.

Action Required for Cribl Stream and Cribl Leader Users on CentOS 6
If you are currently running Cribl Stream and the Cribl Leader on CentOS 6, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your operating system to at least CentOS 7 or later before updating to version 4.4.4. This step will ensure future functionality and security.

Guidance for Cribl Edge Node Users on CentOS 6
For those running Cribl Edge Nodes on CentOS 6, we strongly recommend upgrading your OS to CentOS 7 or later before updating your Cribl Edge Nodes. If upgrading the OS is not feasible, Edge Nodes will continue to operate with Cribl Leaders running any 4.x.x version up to and including 4.4.4. However, support will be removed in a future release (currently, planned for February 2024).

Our Support
We are committed to ensuring the highest levels of security and stability in our products. We understand that these changes might require some adjustments in your current setup. Our team is here to assist you through this transition. For any queries or support, please contact our Cribl Support team. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining the highest security standards for our products.

Thank you for your continued trust in Cribl.