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Bootstrap command has HTML character codes

John Pondrom
John Pondrom Posts: 16
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Why does bootstrap command have HTML character codes?



  • Brian Yearwood
    Brian Yearwood Posts: 14 ✭✭

    At present there are certain special characters that cannot be passed via CRIBL_DIST_MASTER_URL.

    Some of these characters include the following: < > " ` \r \n \t { } | \ ^ ' $

    As an example:

    • Auth Token = DZ$=fg!2rc'jO);mexrM
    • Bootstrap command =
      curl 'http://ec2-51-20-67-42.eu-north-1.compute.amazonaws.com:9000/init/install-worker.sh?group=default&token=DZ%24%3Dfg!2rc'"'"'jO)%3BmexrM&user=cribl&install_dir=%2Fopt%2Fcribl'
      | bash -

    Here we can see that the characters in the Auth Token such as the follow have been updated with the HTML character codes:

    • $ HTML character code %24
    • = HTML character code %3D
    • ; HTML character code %3B

    When these characters are present in the Auth Token under the leader settings ensure to copy the bootstrap command from the leader UI and extract the Auth Token from there rather from <leader>:<port>/global-settings/distributed

    We have made our internal development team aware of this in CRIBL-17047 which is currently under review.

  • John Pondrom
    John Pondrom Posts: 16

    Thank you!