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Cribl S3 Collector collect All the log files from S3 bucket everytime instead only new ones

Dinesh Raja
Dinesh Raja Posts: 5

Hi Mates,
I'm using cribl S3 collector to collect the logs from AWS S3 bucket. S3 bucket contains logs of Akamai datastream which has the log format as below.

eg: s3://BUCKETNAME/APPNAME/ENV/ak-913478-1701139960-008071-ds.gz

ak- akamai file prefix

913478 - random string

170xxxxxxxx - EPOCH timestamp

008071 - random string

ds- file suffix

When I schedule the S3 collector to run every 15 minutes, it collects all the log files from buckets every time.

Looking for a suggestion, how do I collect only the new files from S3 not all the files every time.


  • Brendan Dalpe
    Brendan Dalpe Posts: 201 mod

    Hi @Dinesh Raja, what does the epoch timestamp in the filename represent? When the file was created? The first event timestamp? If you can provide this info, we can help with a solution.

  • Dinesh Raja
    Dinesh Raja Posts: 5

    Hello @Brendan Dalpe
    Thanks for the response. Yes, the epoch timestamp represents "file creation time" .

  • Paul Dott
    Paul Dott Posts: 33 ✭✭

    @Dinesh Raja, you can use a path extractor in the Collector to set _time on the filename.


    Something like this should work for you based on this path:


    Path: /${appname}/${env}/${file}
    Token: file
    Extractor Expression: {"_time": value.match(/ak-\d+-(\d+)-\w+/)[1]}

    This is making some assumptions that the file path is consistent, but should help get you going in the right direction. With _time set to the filename, the earliest/latest in your collection job has something to key off and won't need to grab all files. Hope this helps.