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Community Members Achieve Level 2 and Beyond in Cribl Curious, Plus Double Points Week Ahead!

Tony Reinke - Cribl
Tony Reinke - Cribl Posts: 134 admin
edited October 2023 in General Discussions

We're thrilled to celebrate the achievements of @Shawn Cannon, @steve.malenfant, @LovetheBeach, and @Paul Dott, who have reached Level 2 in Cribl Curious! These dedicated members have surpassed the 50-point milestone, propelling them from the Goat Wander level to the esteemed Goat Grazer tier. Additionally, we applaud one remarkable community member who has achieved Level 3 - Mountain Climber status by surpassing the 200-point threshold. Well done, xpac! They will all receive some exclusive, limited edition Cribl Community Swag as a reward for their dedication.

We're witnessing numerous community members edging closer to the 50-point milestone, and we're excited to announce a special event: Double Points Week! Starting at 8 am US/Pacific on October 30th and running until 8 am US/Pacific on November 6th, you'll earn 2 points for posting a question, 2 points for providing an answer (once per question), and a generous 6 points if your answer is selected as the solution.

This presents an excellent opportunity to accumulate extra points and progress to the next level. Get engaged and lend a hand to your fellow community members!

Don't hesitate – let's dive in and maximize the benefits of Double Points Week!