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Redis. How to use a Redis query in a code function?


I would like define a Readis connection at the beginning of pipeline and reuse by a code functions through all an event live-time.

Something like "C.Lookup" expression.

PS: A Redis function is not applicable for my needs :).


  • Dan Schmitz
    Dan Schmitz Posts: 1 mod

    Pawel, great question. Today, we can't leverage the Code function to call Redis. We are looking to expand our Redis capabilities to make use easier in pipelines. Is your goal to ease pipeline complexity with re-using the connection and function?

  • Pawel Kwiatkowski

    Mainly it is about fexibility. Using a function doesn't give such feature.
    It is fine when you looking a sight key but when need to check couple in single event, then is a problem.

    Other feature. I would like get all values as an object, as it possible via C.Lookup method.