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I have several questions regarding Stream deployed in AWS...


  • How would maintenance impact data processing, etc. (i.e. for scale-up procedure)?
    • AMIs must be upgraded every X months; how does that impact the application (Stream)?
  • Have you seen any auto-scaling ? How does scaling down impact the application? Will data be lost or will it complete its processing before shutting down?
    • Concerned about what happens to data in flow when instances are down
  • Looking for details on public cloud use cases
    • For the infrastructure scaling side
  • After disaster recovery, how do they switch back to the original state?



  • Justin Hamblin

    Hello @itsjustjordyn ,

    Any event that removes resources from a worker group will increase strain on the remaining workers. Most organizations plan for this with a rolling upgrade of their systems. Depending on your upgrade process, you may need to plan for Throughput Variability.

    We do support auto-scaling and you can find more information here. In general, we recommend you contact your account team to ensure your success for this deployment type.

    Disaster recovery has many facets, but in general our solution is "stateless" meaning all state is stored, enforced, and backed up via the control plane. All configurations on the leader (control plane) stored and backed up to Git repo for disaster recovery.