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When replacing a leader, is it okay if the Cribl was started after installing?


I need to replace an existing leader instance with a new instance, the new instance has Cribl installed but not configured for anything. The current leader has remote git enabled, from my understanding the easiest way to migrate to the new leader is by following this procedure given here https://docs.cribl.io/stream/version-control/#restoring-master-from-remote-repo . The question i have is, is it okay if the Cribl was started after installing? Can I stop it and proceed with the steps? Asking this because of this line in the documentation `"Important: In a directory of choice, untar the same Cribl Stream version that you're trying to restore, but do not start it."`


  • Eugene Katz
    Eugene Katz Posts: 51 ✭✭

    figured out myself that, its best to have a fresh install and follow the git restore procedure.

  • David Maislin
    David Maislin Posts: 228 mod

    I was gonna say just wipe and start over, but you already went that route.