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Cribl is stopped, but pid file exists


Hi I have 2 cribl workers (cribl worker 1 and cribl worker 2 )managed by the same manager; cribl worker 1 goes down every now and then and has to be started manually. Status checks return the following: 'Cribl is stopped, but pid file exists' ; can any of you please help me troubleshoot or point me in the right direction


  • Tony Reinke - Cribl

    Hi Dalwin, are you running the command using user Cribl ?

  • tpeveler
    tpeveler Posts: 9 mod

    yes i running cribl status command as cribl user i am also able to start cribl worker manually using cribl start I would like to know why its keeps going down even though i have enabled boot-start

  • Brandon McCombs

    Boot-start won't keep it from going down; nothing can prevent it. Boot-start ensures it will be restarted if it does go down because systemd monitors it. However systemd won't monitor it if you aren't starting it with systemd. You mentioned you use "cribl start" to start it but that bypasses using systemd thereby defeating the use of the boot-start command. You should be using "systemctl start cribl" as root. As for the issue, you'll need to give us something to go on. Please look for relevant errors in the API log from the affected worker.