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Any plans to implement something like server classes?


Are there any plans to implement something like server classes in splunk some day to cover the problem described here: https://curious.cribl.io/t/cribl-architecture-question/740? We also really stuck in between a pragmatic and proper solution with cribl.


  • Brendan Dalpe
    Brendan Dalpe Posts: 201 mod

    Worker Group Inheritance for Stream similar to what we do for Cribl Edge? <@U01J91JRGL9&gt; <@U0284DVMRQX&gt;, were we considering something like this?

  • Clint Sharp
    Clint Sharp Posts: 27 mod

    I thought actually it was supposed to already be in progress, so lets let PM comment but the intention was it was supposed to come into Stream very soon after Edge.

  • nicktank
    nicktank Posts: 26 mod

    We are, we have a few things to work out for locking down top level configs and offering config management that are in flight through the next couple of releases. The plan is to tighten the entire inheritance and management model with Edge and then move it to Stream over the next couple of releases as well. <@U048ENZ21L4&gt; - the way we approach this and the way Splunk approaches it is a little different. I'd like to walk through the model we have today for Edge which Stream is slated to pick up and see if that meets your needs.