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Release of AppScope v1.3.1 and Edge, Search, and Stream v4.1

Tony Reinke - Cribl
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Attention all data lovers! Cribl is thrilled to announce the latest and greatest version of platform, Cribl v4.1! This update is so hot, it’ll make your data sizzle!So, what’s new you ask? There is a lot. Here are the first few items that we are talking about for each product. There are too many new features to talk about in an announcement.

 Stream (release notes):

  • Persistent Queues Predictability: When you configure Persistent Queues on Sources, Always on is the new default mode for greater reliability.
  • Connections and Load Throttling: Along with the new PQ options, we've provided new controls to prevent connections from overloading Workers. At Group Settings > Worker Processes, you can now limit how many connections each Worker will accept upon startup or restart. You can also determine how long after startup to impose that limit.
  • New Sources and Destinations: We've added a new Raw UDP Source. We've also added a new Data Lakes > Amazon S3 Destination to stage data for Cribl Search.

 Edge (release notes):

  • Expanded container support: Cribl Edge now supports containerd runtime in the Processes and Containers UI.
  • A new Journal Files Source collects data from systemd's centralized logging, the journald service.
  • You can now use a single installer for silent installs and UI installs on Windows. Other improvements to the installer include storing installation files in a different location than modified data, which reduces errors. You also have options to persist configuration and install Cribl Edge as a service.

 Search (release notes):

  • New Data Format Support: We’ve added support for some binary data types and formats: Systemd/Journald, Parquet, and Splunk rawdata files.
  • Search-and-Forward: Search results can be sent to Cribl Stream for preconfigured shaping and routing. A new send operator enables sending Search results to Stream, where the results can be further processed and routed using any of the usual Stream features.
  • New Stream Destination - Data Lake > Amazon S3: A new Destination, under Data Lake > Amazon S3 now appears in Stream. This is an AWS S3-based Destination that has a Cribl Search-friendly partitioning scheme.

Cribl v4.1.0. is now available on our website.  https://cribl.io/download/

The  AppScope team just released v1.3.1. This team is amazing. I honestly can't believe the change log on this release. A few of the highlights:

  • The Crash Analysis and Snapshot Features that support analyzing crashes with backtraces and core dumps, obtaining snapshots of processes
  • Inter-process communication (IPC) to interact with processes in new ways including diagnosing connection status, pulling and dynamically updating AppScope's config.
  • A backoff algorithm for connections to avoid creating excessive network traffic and log entries. When a remote destination that AppScope tries to connect to rejects the connection or is not available, AppScope retries the connection at a progressively slower rate.

Introducing Support for:

  • Instrumenting Go executables on ARM.
  • Scoping apps running in LXC and LXD containers.


  • #1328 Scoping Terraform – e.g., scope terraform plan – no longer causes Terraform to crash.
  • #1310 Follow mode – i.e., running scope events -f to see the scoped app's events scrolling – works correctly again, fixing a regression in recent versions of AppScope.
  • #1293 AppScope no longer causes Redis to crash when Redis (running as a service, and scoped) receives a GET or SET command.

Security Fixes:

  • Update dependencies to resolve security concerns about vulnerabilities CVE-2022-41721, CVE-2022-41723, CVE-2022-41717 that were resolved in recent Go library updates.

Learn more about downloading AppScope at  https://appscope.dev/docs/downloading