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Syslog Data Source Error

David Monaghan
David Monaghan Posts: 3
edited September 2023 in Stream

Trying to implement a new data source but getting the error "Error 404-Not Found"

Also getting an error saying "Failed to send anonymized telemetry metadata. Data flow has been stopped."



  • Oliver Hoppe
    Oliver Hoppe Posts: 50 ✭✭

    Hi David,

    could you detail where you get that error message?

    I assume you are using a Free License. Each node (standalone, leader and worker) will need to submit anonymous telemetry data to https://cdn.cribl.io otherwise data flow will stop after 24 hours.

  • David Monaghan

    Yes, using a free licence.

    The error is appearing at sources > syslog > source_name > status

  • David Monaghan

    My mistake, forgot to commit the change.

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