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Can Cribl Stream read AWS S3 tags?

Aaron Hornbuckle
Aaron Hornbuckle Posts: 2
edited August 2023 in Stream

Can Cribl Stream read AWS S3 tags? I know there are multiple places where you can add tags to parts of the stream, such as in the Source or in a Pipeline, but I want my stream to be able to read the tags that are assigned via S3 in order to filter them. If that's not possible, would I be able to call a Lambda function and use that to manage the tags instead?


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  • Brendan Dalpe
    Brendan Dalpe Posts: 201 mod
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    @Aaron Hornbuckle I don't think we're going to be able to read S3 tags today. You'll either need to use a Lambda to enrich them before sending to Cribl, or we'll need to look at adding something to support this.