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Kicking off Black Hat with a strategic partnership with Exabeam!

We’re thrilled to kick off Black Hat USA 2023 with an exciting announcement – a new strategic partnership with Exabeam

TL;DR? Cribl’s new partnership with Exabeam gives enterprises more control over their data by accelerating new technology adoption and improving threat detection, investigation, and response (TDIR).

A new strategic partnership with Exabeam!
This collaboration enables security and IT teams to streamline data ingestion and accelerate the deployment of new technologies, like Exabeam’s New-Scale SIEM™. With a common goal of empowering security teams to seamlessly integrate large quantities of data, our alliance with Exabeam equips enterprises with the capability to handle massive data volumes effectively, providing enhanced protection for their environments, users, and most importantly, their customers.

To learn more about the Exabeam and Cribl joint solution, click here. To hear more on how we’re helping our joint customers, check out the press release.

Cribl is at Black Hat so... Let’s Paint the Town Red Blue
After the show, it’s the afterparty. We’re hosting a Happy Hour at The House of Blues on Thursday (8/10), and we’d love to see you there! RSVP here for casual conversations, cool drinks, fun games, and good music.

We’ll also be at the CrowdStrike Happy Hour at the Eyecandy Bar & Lounge at Mandalay Bay on Wednesday (8/9). Be sure to secure your spot!