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Cribl V4.1.3 and AppScope v1.3.4

Tony Reinke - Cribl
Tony Reinke - Cribl Posts: 134 admin
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Cribl is representing 413. Shout out to Springfield, MA! While we do love Massachusetts, today we are talking about the new release of Cribl v4.1.3.

Downloads are now available at: https://cribl.io/download/

Release Notes: https://github.com/criblio/appscope/releases/tag/v1.3.4

  • 1499 AppScope no longer exposes the backtrace symbol. Before this fix, certain scoped applications would segfault when they called backtrace.
  • 1491 When you run AppScope in a Kubernetes pod, the pod now starts normally even when the pod definition is missing the label section.
  • 1481 When scoping Java apps that use SSL and that are run on certain JREs, AppScope no longer causes the scoped app to segfault.

Release Notes: https://docs.cribl.io/edge/release-notes/release-v413/
New Feature:


  • CRIBL-17602 The Kubernetes Logs Source now continues reading log files after the container runtime rotates them.
  • CRIBL-17907 The Kubernetes Logs Source supports attaching a new kubernetes_logs pre-processing Pipeline. When you enable the K8s Logs Event Breaker's Enable timestamps option, this Pipeline removes conflicting timestamps prepended by the Source.

Release Notes: https://docs.cribl.io/search/release-notes/
New Features:

  • You can now query the contents of a lookup table by searching, using the new cribl_lookups dataset.
  • We’ve added a time zone selector to the Time Range window, allowing you to specify a time zone when defining a range in a query.
  • We've added several new Dataset Providers so you can easily connect and retrieve the data you need for your analysis.
  • Amazon Security Lake
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • API Search (These are in active development and are subject to change)

Release Notes: https://docs.cribl.io/stream/release-notes/release-v413/
New Features:


  • CRIBL-16731, CRIBL-17493 Splunk HEC and Splunk TCP Sources now apply consistent event breaking, to prevent dropped index fields.
  • CRIBL-16939 Office 365 Message Trace Source now supports OAuth certificates.
  • CRIBL-15373 Packs list page now shows minimum Stream version on each Pack's row.
  • All other corrections are in the release notes