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How to fix "Request payload size exceeds the limit:" "hit request concurrency limit" for Chronicle?


When a Google chronicle destination is configured, below errors are commonly seen? How to fix them?

"hit request concurrency limit"

"Request payload size exceeds the limit: 1048576 bytes"


  • Tony Reinke - Cribl
    Tony Reinke - Cribl Posts: 134 admin

    Have you tried to adjust the "max body size"? Seeing people be successful with setting it to 900kb.

  • Jeremy Prescott
    Jeremy Prescott Posts: 33 ✭✭

    For the Request Concurrency Limit message, please see our Docs related to the Destination here:


    Request concurrency: Enter the maximum number of ongoing requests to allow before blocking.

    This is a user defined setting that you can increase to mitigate this issue.

    Due to Chronicle's Payload Limit, you will need to fine tune the below setting:

    Max body size (KB): Enter a maximum size, in KB, for the request body.

    Somewhere in between 700-900 is a decent value.

    Closer to 900 would likely mean that you could run into the issue though - just not as frequently.