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WEF Source, a subscription policy contains invalid configuration.

Jeremy Prescott
Jeremy Prescott Posts: 33 ✭✭

When configuring the WEF source, Stream shows the source as working, but the Windows Event Forwarding plugin event logs show: Error Event ID: 107 A subscription policy contains invalid configuration.

How do I overcome this error?



  • John Pondrom
    John Pondrom Posts: 16

    This is error is caused by a syntax mismatch when you configure the target subscription manager.

    Cribl suggest using a GPO to do so by setting the Configure Target Subscription Manager Policy.

    The most common cause of this error will be missing the “Server=“ that prepends the FQDN or IP being used in the policy.

    Use the following syntax when using the HTTPS protocol:


    It will look like this when correct:


    It will look something like the below when incorrect, and will most likely be missing the “Server=“ from the string.