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Manual backups for Stream stand-alone

Steve Bridge
Steve Bridge Posts: 30

Hi all. For us poor slobs currently stuck with a manual process… has anyone tested a backup and restore? I am zipping /local, /data, and /default under /opt/cribl, and a quick test seemed to indicate this works for DR, but anyone know of other directories that could be needed?


  • G H
    G H Posts: 10

    Given the size of the files involved, I would take a backup of all of /opt/cribl. That way you know youre not missing anything, and dont have to worry about getting a tarball when you want to recover.

    In the heat of DR, any step you can skip gets you back up and running sooner. For the sake of 50mb or so, I would take the faster recovery and piece of mind of knowing its a complete backup.

    Also - are you pushing your config to a remote repo? Another quick way to get back up and running on a new leader.

  • Jon Rust
    Jon Rust Posts: 439 mod

    My preferred method is rsync of the entire /opt/cribl dir cuz disk space is cheap, rsync is fast, and I like the simplicity of full restore. No muss no fuss.

    rsync -a /opt/cribl somehost:/backups/

    Alternatively, you can backup /opt/cribl/local and /opt/cribl/data

  • Brendan Dalpe
    Brendan Dalpe Posts: 201 mod

    You can also use the CRIBL_VOLUME_DIR environment variable to instruct Cribl to write to a specific folder of choosing leaving the default installation files alone.

    For example, CRIBL_VOLUME_DIR=/foo/bar would write all configuration changes into /foo/bar which can then be backed up using your method of choice.

    And as @GarethHumphriesGKC mentioned, you can also push the local Git repository to a remote server of your choosing on a scheduled basis. Version Control | Cribl Docs This is only available with an enterprise license though.