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Recovering worker group configs from worker nodes

Eugene Katz
Eugene Katz Posts: 51 ✭✭

If a distributed leader’s configuration is lost and it reverts to a standalone instance, the existing worker group configurations should remain on the workers, since they haven’t gotten any updates. What’s the easiest way to get those configurations copied over to the leader?


  • G H
    G H Posts: 10

    On the workers, the config is lurking in /opt/cribl/local.

    Once you have a new leader running, create an empty worker group in it, and copy that config from the worker across to /opt/cribl/groups//local, and restart the leader. You should now see the changes in the UI and be able to commit and deploy them.

    Note that directory names are from memory, and definitely wrong - Im trying to describe the rough procedure not give detailed instructions. Use your smarts and make sure the right files go in the (hopefully obvious) right place, and youll work it out.