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S2s connection issues

Sven Breier
Sven Breier Posts: 14

Hi, we use Cribl 4.0.3 in our environment and have currently issues within a stable connection to Splunk Agents within version 9.0.2.
It seems like, that the connection is up and dropping after some minutes.
Could it be a possible error with the s2s protocol?
In Sources config we can use v4 (beta). Does it work properly? Splunk says in their release document that v3 will be deprecated soon.


  • Brendan Dalpe
    Brendan Dalpe Posts: 201 mod
    edited July 2023

    Hi Brenny, I would kindly ask that you open a support case for our engineers to troubleshoot the issue.

    Working with Cribl Support | Cribl Docs

    If you run into issues with Cribl Stream, please first check our Known Issues page for recommended resolutions or workarounds. For questions not addressed there, this page outlines how to engage with the Cribl Support staff to resolve problems...

  • Sven Breier
    Sven Breier Posts: 14

    Hi, are some additional infos.

    On Splunk Forwarder we only get the following ERROR messages: unexpected event ID xxx
    May this help?


    It looks like we made it.